Friday, May 6, 2011

Where to start?
That has to be the biggest question i ask myself..time and time again.Im so eclectic in my taste that i love just about anything.I have a BFF who shudders everytime she looks at my etsy and asks can you sell that?.......I find it easy to do...most times..hahahaa  and other times i agonize over the smallest thing to either..KEEP OR SELL????.
My house is filling up so rapidly with treasures i find at yard sales,estate sales and the local thrift stores.
I am literary sitting here typing away surrounded by piles of white Ironstone that i need to put on etsy(but im waiting to hear back about a big lot that a etsy lady wants).At least thats my story and im sticking to it! for now i figured id get busy on my blog and get everyone interested up to date on who..TRUFFLEPIGTREASURES is.You might wanna grab a cup of your favorite tea and ..stay tuned.........

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