Friday, May 6, 2011

things on computer screens might be larger then they appear on monitors.....
this is chancie...boy.....(grand daughter added the boy).
He didn't look this big when i saw him on the adoption page of a local pet rescue site.He just looked cute and maybe?? medium size.But somewhere from Pa to my house he got..super sized.Good thing he is very lovable cause at 140lbs i dont ever wanna be on his bad side!
Which brings me to why i posted his picture...something has been digging in my garden?..husband said..i think its a ground hog doing it.We soon found out this afternoon just what that the ground hog looked like..CHANCIEBOY.... yup..he is digging holes to lay in,I guess the baby pool i fill for him isn't in enough shade so chance is making his own shady spot.If he keeps this up..we can only hope the person looking for a dog to rescue will have the same delusion on there monitor when they see his ....picture.

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