Saturday, May 21, 2011

Imagine...yard saleing with a friend,having a blast,laughing buying and not really paying much attention to the world.
You pull up to a house thats having a sale right behind a wheelbarrow filled with concrete and park.You get out and   notice the neighbors are putting in new concert sidewalks that are still wet.You shop around,talking and just enjoying the hunt. Both you and your friend get back in the car..still laughing and chatting about the "finds",stick the car in DRIVE....and..Yup.....BAM..right into the wheelbarrow full of wet cement water!
this is where you are probably shaking your head and laughing.......did i mention my car(HHR) is black?..Well black with white swirls of cement 2 big burly guys that were laying the cement...didnt look real girlfriend whose..mouth looked just like a huge..big mouth bass at this time.....didnt know if she should laugh or cry.I was more panicked about having to get out and talk to these 2 big sweaty burly men.Turns out they were more worried about my car! reminds me writing this,maybe i should try and wash the cement off before it drys.Well i dropped of some furniture and girlfriend,jumped into my husbands truck to go pick up the oak dresser i bought ,stopped at the bank to get more cash and..yea...i did!..left my mac card in the  this point i should have turned around and went back home).I was wondering why this lady was waving her arms in my direction and coming towards my car.Turns out she is a very nice person and just wanted to return my card and not mug me.Well i got the dresser and made it home......wonder if i will be allowed to yard sale next week without supervision?


  1. I leave the grocery store without a bag at least once a month. Whenever I hear "MISS! MISS!" I know it's for me.

  2. LOL....I think we all have also done that!....

  3. Nive **LOL**....
    thank you so much for your sweet words!
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