Saturday, May 21, 2011

Imagine...yard saleing with a friend,having a blast,laughing buying and not really paying much attention to the world.
You pull up to a house thats having a sale right behind a wheelbarrow filled with concrete and park.You get out and   notice the neighbors are putting in new concert sidewalks that are still wet.You shop around,talking and just enjoying the hunt. Both you and your friend get back in the car..still laughing and chatting about the "finds",stick the car in DRIVE....and..Yup.....BAM..right into the wheelbarrow full of wet cement water!
this is where you are probably shaking your head and laughing.......did i mention my car(HHR) is black?..Well black with white swirls of cement 2 big burly guys that were laying the cement...didnt look real girlfriend whose..mouth looked just like a huge..big mouth bass at this time.....didnt know if she should laugh or cry.I was more panicked about having to get out and talk to these 2 big sweaty burly men.Turns out they were more worried about my car! reminds me writing this,maybe i should try and wash the cement off before it drys.Well i dropped of some furniture and girlfriend,jumped into my husbands truck to go pick up the oak dresser i bought ,stopped at the bank to get more cash and..yea...i did!..left my mac card in the  this point i should have turned around and went back home).I was wondering why this lady was waving her arms in my direction and coming towards my car.Turns out she is a very nice person and just wanted to return my card and not mug me.Well i got the dresser and made it home......wonder if i will be allowed to yard sale next week without supervision?

Well today wasnt as good as last week..but i did find some winners.........oak dresser with mirror, corner cabinet,ferragamo evening bag!!!!(thats my grocery and gas money if it sells)....vintage test tube holder,antique cast iron griddle with pour spout.....printers box,and a bunch of other stuff i cant remember right now......interested in any of it??? check out my etsy store.SOLD!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vintage Steer horn end tables with zinc tops...
Love them!!!!!!..I thought of keeping them..but ill list them on etsy............wish i had a steer hide to go with them!...SOLD!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hand woven flax/linen bed sheet and pillow covers....
I have never seen a bed sheet that was woven together in 3 sections..i guess the loom was a small one?.......SOLD!

primitive bucket bench and farm table......SOLD!
Small selection of the silver plate silverware......
primitive yellow stool.......SOLD!
the hand woven pillow cover with little clam shell buttons..........
What do you do on a rainy miserable day?...You go antiquing! Well thats what we do.Bff,s Lynne(pictured here) and Shelley   were my traveling companions today.
First stop is breakfast in New Jersey,then on to one of our favorite little primitive shops in woodstown.Then it was off to Mulica Hill.I got some amazing buys that i cant wait to list on etsy.One goodie is a circa 1800,s home spun french country flax bed sheet and matching pillow covers with crochet trim and the cuttest little clam shell hand made buttons.I also got a great old primitive bucket bench and a old farm house table.A box of great old silver plate silverware and a large ironstone platter in a pattern i have never seen.All this and a philly cheese steak pizza for dinner.With all the laughing we did sides and cheeks hurt so bad,and im surprised we weren't asked to leave!!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Have you ever gone to that one yard sale where you know you hit the mother load? Well today was my day.Last week i was 2 minutes to late at every sale i went to and missed all this great stuff being carried out under someone else's arms.( i usually have to stop and take a deep breath and carry on...)
This house had REAL antique copper molds and pans......a huge "dakota" apothecary jar, oak furniture, a 9 piece back yard table and chairs, primitive kitchen stuff,a toil lamp,14kt gold rings  and a bunch of other stuff as you can see from the dining room table....boy will i be busy listing this week....make sure you check it out!  

Friday, May 13, 2011

The pond is the next thing to be worked on.We need to add more pebbles and to trim the bushes and weed.The heron is fake,we had to add him about 2 years ago when we discovered one of the fish had been stabbed.I took the .99 cent fish to the vet and got him medication to the tune of $69.00.Ernie is doing fine now and has 3 new friends to swim with.thank goodness heron,s are territorial and will not land where there is another one.That should save me another 69$........

I love spring..when all the flowers and tree,s bloom.
Even the color of fresh mulch is pleasing.

Front Flower Beds done!
my husband has been working all week tearing out the old bushes and plants..some have been there for over 50 years.....It was definitely time for a makeover.....I keep telling him he could go to home depot and hope to run into the yard makeover guys....but..were never that lucky!.But i have to say he has done a great job on the front ....and also the back. I'm a lucky woman and i dont think i would trade him for anything....well......maybe a awesome piece of white Ironstone????????

Sunday, May 8, 2011

rylies birthday present.

1. no pointing gun at anyone or animals.
2. only can touch a gun if daddy or pops around.
3. only shoot at targets.

Pink rider bb'l shoot your eye out!.....
Ever notice we trade our kids in for doggie kids when the others grow and get married?.I remember doing this for my son and daughter when they were young.But i have to admit, I enjoyed doing it with them alot more.
Chance seems to think im one of his playmates and keeps trying to take me out at the knee,s.Hopefully the grandkids get here soon and can play with him and give me a break.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

yard sales and estate sales have to be the funniest places in the world!  where else can u go and rummage thru other peoples stuff and buy them?.This is some of my finds.......the teddy bear is a very old jointed one...but i know zero, nada ,nothing about antique teddy bears.About all i do know is they can fetch some serious money.I know enough about MCcoy to buy it and the antique fan i also know are hot right now.The Audubon bunting picture i know is a nice one...but thats staying on my wall with my hyperterfa birds nest.  I also got a antique bread box/tin and 2 black with white dots plastic 60,s lamps and a handpainted antique lamp......Now off to take pictures to list on etsy..........Hope im done before the next yard sale!

Friday, May 6, 2011

things on computer screens might be larger then they appear on monitors.....
this is chancie...boy.....(grand daughter added the boy).
He didn't look this big when i saw him on the adoption page of a local pet rescue site.He just looked cute and maybe?? medium size.But somewhere from Pa to my house he got..super sized.Good thing he is very lovable cause at 140lbs i dont ever wanna be on his bad side!
Which brings me to why i posted his picture...something has been digging in my garden?..husband said..i think its a ground hog doing it.We soon found out this afternoon just what that the ground hog looked like..CHANCIEBOY.... yup..he is digging holes to lay in,I guess the baby pool i fill for him isn't in enough shade so chance is making his own shady spot.If he keeps this up..we can only hope the person looking for a dog to rescue will have the same delusion on there monitor when they see his ....picture.
Where to start?
That has to be the biggest question i ask myself..time and time again.Im so eclectic in my taste that i love just about anything.I have a BFF who shudders everytime she looks at my etsy and asks can you sell that?.......I find it easy to do...most times..hahahaa  and other times i agonize over the smallest thing to either..KEEP OR SELL????.
My house is filling up so rapidly with treasures i find at yard sales,estate sales and the local thrift stores.
I am literary sitting here typing away surrounded by piles of white Ironstone that i need to put on etsy(but im waiting to hear back about a big lot that a etsy lady wants).At least thats my story and im sticking to it! for now i figured id get busy on my blog and get everyone interested up to date on who..TRUFFLEPIGTREASURES is.You might wanna grab a cup of your favorite tea and ..stay tuned.........

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I have to remember to thank..with all my without all her help i would not be selling on etsy or blogging on here.She has really understood just what i wanted every time we chatted.From the cute little pink pig to the old weathered barn to just helping me figure out "whats this button for" is truly gifted and amazing and she shares my passion for vintage finds.If you find yourself looking for some good old web design,look her up.You wont be disappointed
she also is a photographer . .

and...the pictures begin ......

As far back as i can remember,I have always wanted to live in a old log cabin.But with my husbands work and mine it never seemed like the right time to build one.
Then came early retirement and we still didn't do it.
So last year in September i decided..If i cant live in a real log cabin then i was just going to have to make this house one!.
I have to admit, I'm the jump right in and make this work kinda person.So i talked hubby into taking a ride with me to Lancaster Pa to find a old barn we could get the wood from for the walls.He had no clue what i was talking about until about half way there,And being the loving husband he is, he didn't jump from the moving car like i thought he might.He kinda was all for it.He did have reservations on ...just do it....but so did i..But as you can see....he/we made my dream come true!..shhh just don't tell him i have plans for him to do this to the living room this summer..hahahhahahahaha goes.
I never in a million years thought that i would have a blog!But the more people i meet on my etsy site..the more i realized i needed to share my great finds in more ways then just the etsy listings.There are some items that just need to be photographed in a setting then just a listing to have there potential realized.
I also love to share my favorite recipes and other fun musings.....
Im going to start taking pictures tomorrow for a beginning and see just where i end tuned..the best is yet to come!