Thursday, May 5, 2011

and...the pictures begin ......

As far back as i can remember,I have always wanted to live in a old log cabin.But with my husbands work and mine it never seemed like the right time to build one.
Then came early retirement and we still didn't do it.
So last year in September i decided..If i cant live in a real log cabin then i was just going to have to make this house one!.
I have to admit, I'm the jump right in and make this work kinda person.So i talked hubby into taking a ride with me to Lancaster Pa to find a old barn we could get the wood from for the walls.He had no clue what i was talking about until about half way there,And being the loving husband he is, he didn't jump from the moving car like i thought he might.He kinda was all for it.He did have reservations on ...just do it....but so did i..But as you can see....he/we made my dream come true!..shhh just don't tell him i have plans for him to do this to the living room this summer..hahahhahahahaha

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