Monday, October 31, 2011

I cut my cutter quilt!

I cant believe i cut a quit up! As a novice quilter i know the labor of love that goes into each and everyone of them. I wanted something unique and primitive to go along with my new couch and my mind keep coming to this quilt that i hung on the banister up the stairs.The stairs turn as you walk up to the second floor and until you are half way up you do not even see the quilt.So......i! wouldn't they look primitive hanging at the windows with the shutters?.(holes and all!).I just didn't realize how guilty i would feel cutting it into pieces.Well the deed is done and im happy with i have to pack everything up so hubby can start painting before the couch arrives!..oh.and shhhhh he dosnt know he is painting yet! hahahahahahah

Friday, October 21, 2011

I cant belive i forgot to post this KEEPER!

If you have read my older post you know i like squirrels.I have even blogged how i feed my little friends some home made frosted lemon cookies i had made and it killed one.:( when i saw this little guy just hanging out in the antique store with those sweet beady black eyes i knew he was MINE!.I do have to tell you my hubby really thought i was just pulling his leg when i said...i want that. But let me mention for the record, I have a buck staring at me in the office across from  my desk that makes me cringe everytime i look into his eyes. He should be out romping thru the Forrest making cute little does and bucks..but alas hubby got him and he know hangs out there.So its only fair i get to hang the squirrel on the sun room wall.


This butcher block tree log will be used as my coffee table in front of the fireplace in the living room.I just love the shape of it and how primitive it is.
The shutters are oak and tall, almost 4 feet high.I want to hang them flat on the wall going up the stairs on the new "woodlett" paint color.
So i think i did good!


You cant travel from WEST VIRGINIA to VIRGINIA to MARYLAND and then on to PENNSYLVANIA with out buying for yourself....or at least i cant.So here are a few of my finds.......A old wire mouse trap.It goes with my old wire rat trap thats on my wall.
A grey and blue saltware crock.
And a old quilt to hang on the upstaires Bannister.

A big tease

I happened into this one shop, or so thats what i thought it was and was in my glory to see rows and rows of white ironstone.But to my was only display pieces for the museums.I shed a few tears........

More pictures from road trip

This one picture of the steps shows just how far i had to climb to get a bottle of wine for my BFF who so gracefully took care of my 2 dogs........i was even surprised to find they had named a bottle after but i have to say..she is worth every step i climbed!

The picture of the rock floor is actually in a house that is build into the rock.Look at the water flowing from a spring in the middle of the room.It sure would make cleaning a breeze. I did ask the owners when i could move

This next picture is a fence that someone built a  mini "stonehedge" on top..pretty cool!


Hubby and i took a 2 day road trip to Harper's ferry and home thru Gettysburg Pa. We had a great time and the fall scenery could not have been more spectacular.I do have to mention that hubby stopped at every antique store i saw..and without even a quibble. :).I just loved harpers its built into a quarry on one side,even the house's where built into some of the rock(see pics).  I even sniffed out a casino in West Virginia... imagine that.,,lol.....My goal was to visit a antique store in Virginia called lucketts. If you ever get a chance and antiques are your thing...its worth the drive.  A neighbor  of mine took me there a few years ago and i have wanted to go back ever since.When my neighbor took me there i got the history of the quaint town and also of leesburg, as thats where she grew up. This time no history,  but it was just as much fun.Home was by way of gettysburg, one of my favorite places to go.We used to go every year for our sons birthday...but those days are long past since his marriage. Hopefully he will be able to enjoy it once again as his children get older and he can share his passion with them.We even had lunch at our favorite place..the Farnsworth are a few pictures i took at harpers ferry.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My gas logs are installed..I love them.Nothing says warmth like a roaring fire and a great old snugly quilt.My favorite time of the year...fall with all its colors and great smells coming from the stove. 

Marketing........In the re sale business I find marketing your stuff in the right category is a high priority. I sometimes just cant figure out what category to list a item under.Take the bisque plaques ....Are they miession,lefton, occupied japan?Or do i just take a chance and list them as bisque plaques and hope for the best?
My other item is even harder to pin point.The pair of lamps are made by a OSCAR B. BACH.( how often do you find a pair of art deco matching metal lamps?).who worked in the same era as Tiffany and was as well known for his metal art work..mainly art deco looking items.But i find im wondering..etsy or ebay or contact a Private collector?.  I have found many good resource pages on OSCAR BACH with pages of info  but still not sure in which way to go.I would love for the lamps to go to a collector who will appreciate there quality and heritage.So we will see....SOLD THE LAMPS.........