Saturday, May 7, 2011

yard sales and estate sales have to be the funniest places in the world!  where else can u go and rummage thru other peoples stuff and buy them?.This is some of my finds.......the teddy bear is a very old jointed one...but i know zero, nada ,nothing about antique teddy bears.About all i do know is they can fetch some serious money.I know enough about MCcoy to buy it and the antique fan i also know are hot right now.The Audubon bunting picture i know is a nice one...but thats staying on my wall with my hyperterfa birds nest.  I also got a antique bread box/tin and 2 black with white dots plastic 60,s lamps and a handpainted antique lamp......Now off to take pictures to list on etsy..........Hope im done before the next yard sale!

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