Friday, October 7, 2011

Marketing........In the re sale business I find marketing your stuff in the right category is a high priority. I sometimes just cant figure out what category to list a item under.Take the bisque plaques ....Are they miession,lefton, occupied japan?Or do i just take a chance and list them as bisque plaques and hope for the best?
My other item is even harder to pin point.The pair of lamps are made by a OSCAR B. BACH.( how often do you find a pair of art deco matching metal lamps?).who worked in the same era as Tiffany and was as well known for his metal art work..mainly art deco looking items.But i find im wondering..etsy or ebay or contact a Private collector?.  I have found many good resource pages on OSCAR BACH with pages of info  but still not sure in which way to go.I would love for the lamps to go to a collector who will appreciate there quality and heritage.So we will see....SOLD THE LAMPS.........

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