Friday, October 21, 2011

I cant belive i forgot to post this KEEPER!

If you have read my older post you know i like squirrels.I have even blogged how i feed my little friends some home made frosted lemon cookies i had made and it killed one.:( when i saw this little guy just hanging out in the antique store with those sweet beady black eyes i knew he was MINE!.I do have to tell you my hubby really thought i was just pulling his leg when i said...i want that. But let me mention for the record, I have a buck staring at me in the office across from  my desk that makes me cringe everytime i look into his eyes. He should be out romping thru the Forrest making cute little does and bucks..but alas hubby got him and he know hangs out there.So its only fair i get to hang the squirrel on the sun room wall.

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