Monday, October 31, 2011

I cut my cutter quilt!

I cant believe i cut a quit up! As a novice quilter i know the labor of love that goes into each and everyone of them. I wanted something unique and primitive to go along with my new couch and my mind keep coming to this quilt that i hung on the banister up the stairs.The stairs turn as you walk up to the second floor and until you are half way up you do not even see the quilt.So......i! wouldn't they look primitive hanging at the windows with the shutters?.(holes and all!).I just didn't realize how guilty i would feel cutting it into pieces.Well the deed is done and im happy with i have to pack everything up so hubby can start painting before the couch arrives!..oh.and shhhhh he dosnt know he is painting yet! hahahahahahah

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