Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ask and you shall receive!

Anyone who knows me knows that I will gladly share my "picking" spots with them. I will offer advice on whats selling and whats not, where I saw a great bargain, all the stuff it takes to sell on either ebay or etsy, etc. So with that in mind, my friend wanted to make me something with her knitting talent as a thank you. Well I love the felted clogs I see on etsy (but not so much the price) so I asked for a pair of them. I am thrilled with what she made me and it was also fun to "felt" them myself (something I have never done before) so if you have wanted a pair of felted clogs or if its just you have wanted to felt something and didn't know what to do: Contact her and get a pair of clogs at a very reasonable price with all the instructions to felt them. Shop now:

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