Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hubby took me yard saleing and antiquing today as my Mothers day present....and oohhhh what a wonderful present it was.I yelled stop!..yard sale so many times and he pulled right over ....even had a smile on his one point I the thought the smile was because he knew if he acted quickly he could just drive away without me...)......I found alot of neat are a few pictures.There would be more but by the time i got into the house to let the dog out ,he had already put them in the garage.Im sure before weeks end i will be in there to take more pictures.......I love the old Trunk/suitcase.It even has a old cruise ship decal on it.The ols picnic basket is a Christmas present for a friend who collects baskets and the oak chair is so nice..I even bought a old feedsack to re-do the seat part...all in all a great day.

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